The Top Welders in Brisbane

When it comes to welding services, naturally you want only the most experienced and dependable. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We at Fiddly Welds are the go-to providers of welding services for clients all across Brisbane. Whether you’re in the northside or the southside and looking for aluminium or other welding services, get in touch today!

The most reliable welding services

Whether it’s aluminium, stainless steel or other types of metals, no request is too complicated for our professionals to handle. Fiddly Welds offers repair and maintenance as well as fabrication services. Hand rails, hockey goals and trailers for speed boats and dogs — we are well-equipped to handle everything. We also have expertise in automotive welding, for when you need parts fabricated or repaired. To see some of our previous work, see our fabrication & repairs or automotive galleries.

Mobile welding services for the ultimate convenience

No matter where you are in Brisbane, we can come to you! From the northside to the southside, Fiddly Welds services all areas of Brisbane and provides on-site assistance with our mobile welding services. For jobs that can’t be transported to a workshop or are too sensitive to be left unattended at a work premises, Fiddly Welds is able to provide a quote over the phone on small jobs. We are also happy to come and inspect what is required for bigger jobs.

There is a minimum callout fee for small jobs.

Our professional welders use the most effective methods

The welders at Fiddly Welds use tried and tested welding methods to satisfy your requirements, and are able to identify what is the most appropriate for you based on your needs. We are the experts in stick, MIG and TIG welding. Stick welding, otherwise known as shielded metal arc welding, is the most common and inexpensive method, generally used on thick materials for construction and heavy equipment welding. MID welding is a more versatile and precise method, appropriate for automotive, plumbing and robotics work. The TIG method is used mostly for stainless steel, aluminium and thin materials, and is commonly employed for things like motorcycles and piping. No matter what you need done, our mobile welders are guaranteed to have you sorted!

Contact us today to have all your welding needs sorted

Whether you’re after fabrication or repair services, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with Peter on 0413 627 227 or email us at today to get the ball rolling.